Blog # 3️⃣. Navadurga💥 vs. Lord Of Rain 🌧 – A Tale Of Determination & Hope❤️

The Heritage’19 Navratri was my second event. It was being organized by The Karm Group for the 5th time this year. Heritage had won the best garba theme title last year and was a big deal as it had 95 Radio One and many big stars promoting it. The entire team was a close knit group doing their work passionately.

As i am very passionate about navratri myself I gave a call to my friend who was an important member of the group regarding my contribution in organizing the event. We had to manage the venue decor, lights and sound, staging, graphic designs, food counters, promotions for the 9 day long event. Our team’s main focus was the ambience and to enrich the place with Navratri vibes.

The theme of the decor had to be after the name of the event depicting the Gujarati Heritage. After a lot of discussions we finally ended up pinning a mix of Gujarati Heritage and traditional village theme down. It included a straw hut wherein people could sit and click great photos. On the entrance, we had vintage lanterns and pots, a wall filled with puppets dressed in chaniya choli, a ground water well, a wall with Maa Durga’s face, statues and traditional wall hangings to complete the look. All of it served as a great background to click photos. Because after garba, the 2nd best thing is clicking great photos in traditional garba costumes, right?

Night lamp’s stand 🔥
Made up of wooden blocks.
Village hut ❤️.
With sitting arrangements.
Sculpture of Buddha.
Ground Well .

As Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary fell during the 9 days of navratri we decided to dedicate a corner to him and fixed his statue alongwith his famous ‘Charkha’.


For the garba ground we decided to go with hangings made out of colourful pieces of cloth and rope lights added to the pleasant ambience. The entry gate to the ground had various village paintings. As it was a night event, the lighting could make the event or break the event. And that is where our major focus went.


We were preparing and decorating at its best unaware of the nightmare that was going to hit us! It was just a day before the event was going to start that we were hit by the Lord of Rain! Not in the form of soft drizzles but a heavy downpour. When i reached the venue i was stunned to see every piece of decoration blown apart by the wind and rain. Not only did we have to do it all again but we had to think about protecting all of it incase the Rain God strikes again; which he did.

We made a big dome for the stage and covered the entry way with plastic sheets which could bear the force of the wind and rain and hopefully protect our decor. The only weapon we had was HOPE. We did it all again and hoped it would still be standing the next day. We prayed to the Godess of Navratri to help us celebrate her! And despite of the heavy downpour on the 1st day of Navratri, all the other venues remained closed but Heritage was LIT!

Glimpse of 1st Night💥❤️

We felt blessed to have finished our first day with success. But we had to maintain the ground and decor for 8 other days as the weather forecast was not in our favour. We lost our domes to wind on the 2nd day and our hope for the consecutive days was reduced.

The 3rd day was a big deal for us as Siddharth Malhotra and Tara Sutaria were going to grace us with their presence to promote their movie. So we pushed, pulled an all nighter and rebuilt our stage. And we were sold out for that night which turned out to be a hit! The rush was insane and with the help of volunteers and security we welcomed our guests with pride.

Siddharth Malhotra❤️
Tara Sutaria❤️
Glimpse of 3rd night🍁

The event went smoothly for the next few nights. On the 8th day, Tapsee Pannu graced us with her presence. The crowd went mad watching her play garba on stage with the RJs and organisers.

Taapsee Pannu❤️
Taapsee with Radio jockeys of 95 Radio one ❤️

After 9 long nights, the event ended successfully. For me, it wasnt about the money i got, but about the pat on my back which i recieved from my parents. Hearing a “well done” for something you’re passionate about from the two people who mean the most to you is a big deal.

All I learnt was no matter how many times you fall, you should keep on going. Also, never underestimate God because he can strike anytime to test you! But he also gives you the strength to push through it and make it Golden.



🍁 Heya Canvas Family. Here , I wanna share my experience about my 1st break in this event industry.

My first break came soon after i formed Canvas. And it hit right when the iron was hot! Inspite of me being new and this being my first event the feelings of excitement and me getting a chance to prove myself were more than anxiety.

Official logo 🔥

My first step towards my dream came in the form of Roots 2k19. It was a safe bet as the dean of my very own college had appointed Canvas to organize the college fest but at the same time i couldnt afford any loop holes as i didnt want to let them and my colleagues down. The only way I could see was up!

I finally had a chance to put my dreams and ideas into action but i was faced with major issues such as planning something completely new in a limited budget and time. Making it likable to not only to a few people but everybody in the college! I started planning a month ahead, drew up a budget and on the day of the final presentation i was surprised to see that there was already an event organizer present who had far more experience than me.

It was either going down with anxious thoughts about this being my first event and competing with someone having lots of experience in the field or me coming up with a speech in my presentation stating that,”he might have more experience in the field of event management but being a student of this college I have more experience of the event itself.” Guess what, I went with the latter!

And the next morning the Dean called me and officially gave me the event. And this felt the right event to begin the journey of Canvas. I had to handle the staging, lights and sound, the decor and food, the EDM night and the cultural night.

The volunteers of Roots 2k19 including my classmates, juniors and friends helped me a lot a day before the event. Every piece of the decor was falling apart and inside I was too. But I got myself together and we worked through the night and finally we finished it by morning. We made it look like it had to and even better despite of the many setbacks. God helps those who help themselves, right? I learned that i should have everything ready a day before the event from this.

Graffiti design- made by thermocol and spray paint❤️

For the EDM night, we were faced with the issue that due to a larger ground the sound effect that we wanted couldnt be produced. So we installed 12 new speakers and the percussion effect produced gave everybody an adrenaline rush. The lights and sound and the stage were finally more than perfect. The ground literally radiated energy and joy as soon as the percussion artist began. We all danced to his beats for 3 long hours and i couldnt be more happier to see everybody enjoying to the fullest.

EDM Night 🍺

Another obstacle i faced was water shortage due to which the cooks were running late on schedule. But finally the water tanks arrived and everybody had their taste buds satisfied.

Cultural night💥

On the last night which was the cultural night the management and all performances were perfectly coordinated. And yet I was sitting there looking for loopholes that i might have left out. But all of my friends and juniors came up to me with a big smile on their faces. They congratulated and hugged me and praised the entire 4 day event. I literally had tears of satisfaction in my eyes as i looked at the Canvas banner hanging on the stage. The feeling of doing justice to it was strong.

I can hear this moment ❤️

The most important thing i learnt from my first event was time management. How everything needed to be planned and executed beforehand. But alongwith it i was assured that i would go a long way in the path i’ve chosen. If you have the urge to follow your dreams always do so because you will never be disappointed.



Hey guys!

I’m Raj Patel. A dentist by profession and an Event Planner by heart.

I’m 22 years old and I come from a family of teachers and doctors. A family blooming in academics. Hence, it was out of my league to think about becoming an Event Organizer. So, like every other 18 year old I started my medical journey from GRIDS. Just like any other mediocre guy trying to find his way towards doing something great.

Pursuing a medical career was never an easy process for me. Even though i tried to push my way through the slow paced 4 years to become a graduate in Dentistry.

In my college there were a few extra curricular activities like UDAAN (kite flying festival), Diwali celebration and our annual college fest- ROOTS. And I was always eager to participate in hosting the events and doing whatever I could along with the other students to make the event as colourful and pleasant as possible. And frankly, these were the best days of my college life. The days I would remember forever with a smile on my face.

We were supposed to work on a limited budget and form a student committee including the students who were eager to organize the event too. This made me learn the value of team work, the value of planning and money and many other little things which were very useful to me in the future. And all of this seemed like a breeze of happiness because my heart was into it. And together we made the best memories of our college life.

But as I was a slow learner in my medical career I faced some hurdles in clearing my final year. When my final year results were out.. I was disheartened to know that i failed in a subject and had to repeat 6 months. I was very confused about my future and demotivated as all my efforts were down the drain. I was as blank as a piece of paper without a single dot on it for a long time.

But finally, I pushed all the negativity aside, and decided to do what was in my heart all along, something that i was very passionate about and turned all of it into a ray of hope and positivity and thus, “CANVAS EVENT PLANNERS” was born. My failure thus became a blessing in disguise pushing me to think in the time where everything else came to a standstill. I named it after my state of mind at that time to always remind me to push through and paint everything with positivity.

I turned my dark cloud of failure into a silver lining of being able to follow my dream. Building it until I graduate.

And now, Canvas has proudly done two events. Organized a college fest and Navratri by Heritage Karm Group and also I have finished my graduation in dentistry.

All I have learnt in the past year is if you convert all the negative energy into positive thoughts and work towards it you will be able to see your world differently.

Organizing events, the entire process and seeing the beautiful outcome makes me feel alive and breathing. I finally understand there’s no motivation needed when you’re doing what you love.

I start my own Event Blog today & I am posting my 1st blog . Keep reading as i sketch mosaic of memories for you of the events I have organized or attended.

Thank You.❤️